Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleepy or Senile?

Got up early this morning. Start coffee maker. Sit at computer, check my news sites, blogs, email.

Coffee machine tells me its done. Go to machine in kitchen, put sugar in mug, pour coffee, stir coffee, then begin staring blankly at coffee wondering - did I put sugar in? Well - did I? Hmmm.

It's too hot to sip, I haven't put milk in yet, so lets guess. Did I? I usually add sugar before putting in coffee. Lets add some, then test. I can't stand un-sweetened coffee. Add spoon of sugar, milk.


Blech! Too much sugar!! I DID put in sugar at first!

So - to summarize: it appears I am either losing my short term memory, becoming senile, or should more fully wake up in the morning prior to making important decisions like sugar levels in coffee.

I should write a blog post about that.

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