Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Letter from the Moon

Dear Phnurl;

You know buddy – sometimes you just can’t win for trying.

You’re not going to believe this story so stow your appendages and relax while I tell you what happened.

That rumble you felt the other day? We were right there when it happened! No kidding!

The wife and I and our 788 larvae had just finished unpacking at our new place.

You’ll recall we had moved from the Sea of Tranquility (now there’s an ironic name…) down to the southern pole area. We had heard nice things about the region and thought it would be a nice place to raise the offspring.

Nice weather – only about 200 below in winter, and lovely in summer – about 200 above. In summer we could lay about on the nice frozen bits of water that lay on the shore of our chosen crater – Cabeus. It was great!

Cabeus is one of those new planned communities with all the amenities. Frozen lake, baseball diamonds the size of continents (micro-gravity sure has helped the hitting stats let me tell you, and the annoying in-field fly rule is finally gone). In short – it’s a great place to be.

Until the other day. There we were, laying about, watching the Earth-rise, when we got this hinky feeling like we were being watched. You know that feeling? Weird isn’t it? I couldn’t place it but it felt odd let me tell you.

Because of this strange sensation, we decided to head indoors to the frozen hydrogen/oxygen cave for some hibernation, when out of the corner of my central eye cluster I noticed a blur. Then BOOM! The whole moon shook beneath my feet and a huge cloud of dust and debris shot up from the Thnurbs place across the valley.

I nearly soiled my exoskeleton let me tell you! It’s a good thing we don’t have sound here or I suspect it (the impact) would have been deafening. Now that I think about it, we don’t have ears anyway, so nevermind.

Then, as I’m looking at the dust shooting up from the huge hole in the ground where their nuclear fuel was stored, and their cheese cellar now that I remember, in comes another object and splats into my friend Glurg who was rushing to the scene of the first impact!

Poor Glurg – vaporized in the prime of his life! He was only middle aged for goodness sake – just had his 400th birthday in fact. Poor thing. He had just trimmed down his lower thorax and was really working at getting into better shape. His antennae were shinier and you could tell he was really proud of his abdomens.

Oh well – such is life – and death - here on our happy orb. Maybe we can look forward to some more alien creatures showing up and running around the place. It’s sure fun for the kids – hiding just out of sight from them, stealing their tools when they aren’t looking, eating their vehicles after they leave.

Remember how the orange coloured powder fascinated them?! If they only knew that was where our friend Xlimt had his little ‘accident’. We laughed so hard we almost excreted.

Oh sure, there’s still a few crazies down here that think it didn’t happen, but when you’ve visited the sites like I have, there is simply no denying the evidence. There is definitely alien life out there. Somewhere.

Anyway – gotta go. Hope you and the rest of your life forms are doing well.

Your friend,


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