Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fruit Matters

As your brain is about to say "He doesn't post anything for a week and this is all he has to offer?" bear with me. This will be fascinating...

First, the internet is a wonderful thing. The kids and I were eating bananas the other day when one asked "What are those stringy bits called, Dad?" I admitted to not knowing, but found out in short order - phloem bundles. Fascinating yes/no?

Oh - you can also peel a banana from the 'bottom' end, then use the stem thing as a handle. This apparently reduces the number of phloem bundles you have to deal with. Not sure why or even if that is, but it's what 'they' say. I think that's how gorillas eat the darn things and who am I to argue with a gorilla?

Then our discussion wandered over to the little stickers on apples and such. We all pretty much concluded that they don't taste very good, shouldn't be eaten but sometimes are, thus making them somewhat edible, but wishing for a different (or even some) flavour.

So there you go. You are richer for having visited here.

Phloem bundles. That's going to stick in your brain uselessly for many decades now.

Good day.

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