Monday, October 19, 2009


I am always coming up with quite bright ideas for products which, in my opinion, will sell extremely well. To people like me.

Let's start with a small tracking device for library books. Specifically, the one I have been scouring the house for these last 20 minutes.

What we could use is a small chip implanted in every book, so that when I activate the base transmitter, the chip will emit a loud whistle, buzz, ring or honk, and the book can be found under the pile of laundry in my daughters room. Or in the yard out back. Or under the drivers seat in my car.

This search technique is well known to losers of cell phones, or at least, losers of cell phones which happen to be turned on at the time of losure. Lossure. When you lost it. I just made up those words. Huh.

Parents would buy these things like crazy, since losing books and gazillions of other items seems to be childrens full time occupation. Mine especially.

One could also use these tracking devices for children themselves, remote controls, beer, ties, errant odd socks, tools, dogs, cuff links, those important documents you swear were here on the desk, and so forth.

Would someone please fund this startup such that I can get going with production and marketing? Thanks.

Incidentally, it's So You Want To Be A Pilot. It's blue with a female fighter pilot on the front. The book I'm looking for. Let me know if you find it. Thanks. Overdue.

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