Saturday, October 10, 2009


With the announcement that golf and rugby will be Olympic sports in 2016, my first thought was "I'd better brush up on my back swing."

Then for some reason I thought the news announcer said the sports were somehow combined, and my mind wandered deliciously...

"It's a beautiful, gusty day here at the Links Rugby Pitch in St. Andrews.

"This is the first round of qualifying for the 2016 Olympics, in this, the new sport of Golby."

"Actually, officials are still trying to determine a name for this new and exciting sport. Golby seems to be taking hold, although Gugby was popular for a time. Other suggested names have been Rulf, Golly and Earsrippedoffgolferhaha."

"The ball is at mid-field, Tiger is just adjusting his headband as he and Phil Mickelson watch Padraig Harrington of the English side tee up the ball.

"The referee whistles and the players lean in to the scrum...there's a little shoving the club is tossed in and OH! what a tee shot! Tiger got a good one off of Nick Faldo's head and Faldo is bleeding profusely as the ball sails down the field!"

"The players charge towards the goal line, clubs swinging, as we get this 60 minute test match under way. Back to you in the studio Jim..."

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