Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Second Place Press Release!

Kelowna Columnist Almost Wins Humour Writing Contest -

Vote Rigging Suspected

21 October 2009

David Crawford, the Kelowna-based humourist who writes the popular column “Something Like That” for the Kelowna Daily Courier and, has won second place in the most recent writing contest.

“I’m fairly certain someone cheated” said the Almost Winner of the contest. “Some of those ballot boxes looked a little shifty.”

As First Runner Up, David would assume the crown of winner, should Mr. Joel Schwartzberg of New Jersey be unable to complete his reign, perhaps because of embarrassing photographs being circulated on the internet from his recent ‘business trip.’

“Callous Remarks,” the warm and witty second place finisher, though strong enough to win mind you, tells the heart-warming story of how David struggled to overcome the hideous, disfiguring callouses on his heels, which were tearing his socks and causing his feet to stick to the carpet. “It’s a madcap romp through the sandpaper drawer!” say critics of the extremely humourous but not quite winning column.

Earlier this year, David won the “Humor and Life, In Particular” contest, also in the U.S. That contest’s judges called David one of the funniest writers in Canada, which made him blush, though he was secretly pleased.

In addition to writing hilarious columns, David regularly donates his kidneys to charity.

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