Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hilarious Kids

We're on our way to school, and the morning show we're listening to is/are talking about French parenting.  What they (the French) do is called Le Pause or something - it's just basically chilling out and not letting your kids run your life.

Anyway, while listening to this, my son is about to burst - he needs to jump in and ask a question.
I'm expecting something like "Dad, did you and Mom use that technique on us?" or something pertaining to what I was listening to. 

Here's what came out:

"Dad did you know there's a place in Afghanistan called Bum?"

I almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Okanagan Prison Announced

Details are beginning to emerge about the new prison, announced yesterday in Oliver - the Wine Capital of Canada:

Cellmates to be called 'Pairings'
Prison choir to be called The Aromatics
The term 'crush' now refers to parole hearings
Newest Okanagan grape varietal: 'Penal Noir'
Ideal wine aging now minimum 25 years to life
Prison winery vintages to include 'Shiv,', 'Shank,' and 'Isolation'
Contraband to be smuggled in with cork and bottle shipments
Local Denny's renames breakfast 'Grand Slammer'
Vineyard workers already lining up for admission due to better working conditions