Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Shower

The shower head in our en-suite bathroom recently went kaput. We think children may have been involved. Regardless, the darn thing leaked all its pressure out, such that it mainly dribbled instead of showered.

Handy Man sprang into action and it was off to Home Depot!

Pick replacement head of suitable size, return home, excitedly replace head in shower.

This was a great assignment for me in that it was short, simple, and able to be accomplished in mere minutes. There was no measuring or cutting, only simple screwing on of the new head.


The new head is, erm, OK I guess. It's kind of like this:

What we got:
What we wanted:

I'm thinking there's some sort of Lo-Flo device within the inner workings of the thing, kind of like a diseased prostate thing maybe, that I might be able to subtly remove/bash out, such that our shower could have more force behind it.

Stay tuned for Shower-ectomy reports as they happen!

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