Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flu Shots

So we took the whole family down to my wife's workplace where they very kindly jabbed us with needles free of charge.

My wife and I got the H1N1 and the regular flu one, while our brave kids just got the H1N1.

There were a few tears and some blubbering, but eventually I let them jab me (rimshot).

Actually, due to a small error in planning, they jabbed me three times! I got two half doses of Swinish flu stuff instead of just the one - so that was bonus. I imagine my arm may fall off tomorrow as a result but no matter.

We then went for pizza and checked for leaks in our bodies by drinking various fluids and watching for jets coming out of our arms. No such luck.

So if I cannot type or lift my arms tomorrow you'll understand why. I'm working on some brilliantly funny new material, including what crosses my mind when wandering through the brassiere department at the local department store. So stay tuned.

Waiting for my shoulders to reject me, I remain,

Your humble (and brave) blogger.

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