Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Light Rap-sody

Also known as "Middle Aged White Men Shouldn't Rap"

So I went to garage and got out a box
I was lookin for lights, not bagels and lox

There was string after string of LED's
Gotta string them up for the Christmas seas'

My fingers got numb and my butt got cold
I arranged them bad, I arranged them bold

I got out the ladder and set it up
All my homies in the hood said "Hey Dude - sup?"

"I am decoratin' this crib of mine
Gonna dress it up for Santa so fine"

Then the time it came to climb it on up
Gotta get them lights to the very top

Now I ain't likin them steps so high
I know from the past I cannot fly

'Fraidy Cat Chicken is what I am
Don't wanna go slidin down, makin a "Bam!"

So I tiptoe up to the view so fine
I clip on the lights then make my decline

I got them up with no injury
But a rose bush did put some prickles in me

Then a breaker blew and a cuss word flew
Gotta have the power for the strings to view

Got a timer for the lights, got a cord or two
Now we're all set up for the Santa crew

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