Friday, September 25, 2009

Zits Revisited

Do they still have leper colonies? I'd like to make a reservation.

I have written before (here) about Mr. Blemish paying a visit.

Zits on the face are bad enough - but now I have one in my ear. Ewww.

Not only is it painful and embarrassing, it is impossible to get to for servicing, as it were. It hurts when I'm on the phone (were speaker phones invented by someone with an ear zit? Investigate).

I also forget it is there from time to time and plunge my index finger into my ear for a scratch and recoil in pain and frustration when I hit it.

It is unsightly to have wads of Kleenex hanging out of ones ear, I have discovered. It REALLY hurts when a stream of water from the shower nozzle hits it.

Make it go away! Give me powerful drugs to ease my pain! Turn me back into the brave, manly man I once was, not this whining bag of zitty misery.

That's it. I'm off to wash my pillowcase. Good day.

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