Friday, September 25, 2009

Crisis Solved

I think I have this whole energy crisis thing solved. Partly anyway.

It all boils down to signage. Readable from your car signage.

I just went to my local convenience store to pick up something (can't remember - but it was important) and from where I parked I could not read their store hours sign. So I exited my still-running vehicle to go and tug on their door. Locked.

Peer down and see they closed half an hour ago.

So because I could not read their stupidly small sign, I wasted several precious grams of fuel as I walked up and checked. I know - I could have shut it off. In fact I could not - I had family with me who would have perished in the heat of the evening without air conditioning so there.

So multiply me times about a gazillion other people who drive up every day and waste fuel checking for legible store hours signs and look at what you've got. A global energy crisis that's what.

I am available for interviews on popular television news programs.

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BDGJM said...

How about a credit on your gas cost if you have to wait in line to get gas? I mean c'mon with the cost of gas and cars line up a lot in the summertime. So get a timestamp entering the station and timestamp again when you get to the pump. If the difference is more than 5 get a credit.

Shane McAfee