Friday, September 18, 2009

The Update

Well the relatives are now dearly departed.

Not dead or anything - just dearly departed and off to the coast to invade/visit the in-laws out there.

Today I am recovering from a massive sleepover. 2 boys in addition to my own, and an additional girl from next door in addition to my girl, and all was raucous in the household last night.

I think the giggling, whispering, farting and carrying on subsided around 11pm, much later than my usual bed time of 10:20. I am pawning one kid off for a sleepover elsewhere today, but I'm still hunting for some sucker NICE FAMILY! excuse me to take my other one.

I myself will be working hard this afternoon at the area construction association golf tournament. I will be manning the hole in one hole, cowering beneath a tent in the jaundiced belief that I will somehow be protected from hurtling golf balls intent on denting my noggin.

Since I rarely drink, I will have to suffer this humiliation without the benefit of alcohol. I will, however, be able to secretly laugh at all the drunken louts attempting to swat a small white spheroid with a weighted stick. This alone will supply me with many happy mamories, and possibly the material for a column or two.

Until then...

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