Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cell Phone/Shaver!

So there I was, running late, in my car, shaving on my way to an appointment. The foam was getting all over the steering wheel and...

Actually I was using my electric shaver, which us guys can do from time to time when in a hurry.

As I was merrily shaving while stopped at a stop light, a car pulled up beside me. Two women were chatting away and then noticed me shaving. They grinned and I could just tell they were somehow commenting on the shaving dufus in the car...

I thought "I'll show them..." so I stopped shaving, pressed a button on my shaver, and proceeded to pretend my shaver was a cell phone. I held it up to my ear and earnestly began speaking to an imaginary business associate.

I looked back at the women while 'talking' and noticed with much glee that they were now staring at me, amazed that they now had cell phones with built in shavers!

It was a true Triumph Of The Geeks moment.

Ever since then I have imagined these twits telling their friends about this episode, and continually pestering clerks at cell phone shops, dying to get their boyfriends or Dads this new cell phone!

I have dibs on royalties if they ever come out with such a thing for real though.

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