Thursday, July 16, 2009

Space Station!

I was up late last night with the kids, waiting for the International Space Station to fly overhead. The kids were tearing around on the front lawn with the neighbour kids, I was peering skyward, scanning.

It's a fun activity and one which will (I hope) instill a sense of wonder in my kids. Or a sense of complete futility at how small we are in the overall scheme of things so why bother? We'll see.

As the allotted time approached, my son and I set up our imaginary missile batteries and assorted anti-aircraft laser blasters, since our avowed intention was to shoot down the space station, shortly after saying "Wow - look at that."

We missed, thank goodness.

We did say "Wow" though when we saw it flying overhead.

Canadian on board too you know. Yay!!

Dear Julie Payette - Canadian astronaut.

Sorry we keep trying to shoot you down. It's just one of those things kids have to do. I don't think our imaginary laser blasters or missile launchers will ever reach you, but if they should we just want you to know we'll feel bad. We wouldn't blow you up or anything, we'd just try and burn our initials into the side of the capsule maybe. Hope you don't mind.


Your friends on the ground. Shooting at you.

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