Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fire Update and Things

As previously posted, I was on my deck when I spotted the first tendrils of smoke curling up from the Great Fire of 2009 - West Kelowna Edition.

I immediately turned on my sprinklers to help battle the blaze, but I'm afraid it got out of hand anyway. The fact that I'm situated across the lake from the blaze may have something to do with my lack of success.

I have relatives in from out of town so I had them line up with the evacuees and made them stay over in the local recreation centre for a few days. This creative solution to a small housing dilemma was the highlight of my week, and it helped the overseas visitors make some new friends. We got new toothbrushes out of the deal too - courtesy the Red Cross or Salvation Army or somebody. Sweet.

About 10 helicopters are 'working' the fire, and by 'working' I mean 'dropping buckets of Febreeze on the flames at citizen Crawford's request due to the smell.'

Hey - someone has to come up with the good ideas.

More later. Cheerio.

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