Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caving Tragedy

A near tragedy happened in Kelowna recently, one that was not covered by the media.

2 spelunkers were buried in a tragic cave collapse. The roof beams of the main passage they were mapping bent and crashed down, just as one of the intrepid explorers was passing beneath. The other dug frantically and was able to rescue their comrade just in time.

This heroism went unnoticed since the cave-in happened about a dozen times, and then someone farted and the cave got dismantled in a hurry.

We were playing on the big Mom and Dad bed when the kids were supposed to be doing chores.

The roof supports were my legs of course, with blankies and pillows doing yeoman service as dirt and boulders.

I told Mom on the phone that we were doing physics homework, which wasn’t totally dishonest.

The kids, being terribly disobedient, later told the truth to their interrogator, thus getting me in trouble yet again.

More details as they develop.

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