Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Site "C" Muse

Hey, we should go sightsee Site “C” this summer!

Well okay – where should we go?

Site “C”

I already said I’d go sightseeing. Where?

Site “C”

WHAT are we sightseeing?

Site “C”

You keep repeating yourself. I know WHAT we’re going to do, I’m wondering WHERE we’re going to do it.

We’re going to Site “C” – apparently it’s beautiful up north and I’d like to see it before it’s all under water.

I’d be into sightseeing up North too but I still don’t understand what we’ll see. Start again. What region of the province are we going to?


Well same to you but where are we going?


I understand peace is important but that’s another conversation! I’m trying to determine where we are going to go. Now – we’re going sightseeing – got it. What are we going to see when we’re doing that?


What happened?


Why’d you say damn?

Because that’s why we’re going to Site “C”! Dam!

Stop cursing! I’m just as excited as you are about sightseeing but you don’t have to swear. I still don’t understand where we are going or what we are doing. We’re going to hop on a plane and fly to sightsee where?


You keep saying that! Peace to you too! You sound like a hippie. And we’re going to sightsee?


I still don’t get it. Now what damn thing are we going to look at when we are sightseeing?


I don’t know what you’re talking about!

We’re going to sightsee site “C” dam. It’s really quite simple.

Sightsee! Sightsee! Damn! Damn! Damn!! You’re driving me nuts! Can I just go slowly here and get you to explain everything? You and I are going to sightsee by flying north – correct?


Good! Now – when we land, we’re going to get out of the airplane, and what region of the province will we be in?


Stop changing subjects! I want to know where we are sightseeing and you keep saying “Peace!”

Well it’s true – that’s where we’ll be!

I’m glad we’ll be at peace! I asked a question about what we’re doing, and one piece of that question was where? So answer me that piece.

Yes – that’s where we’ll be. Peace.

You’re not making any sense! When we go sightseeing, while we’re at peace, what are we going to see?

Site “C”

Stop that! Let me rephrase the question. When we are sightseeing, we’ll be looking at something. What will we be looking at specifically?

Site “C”

Would you quit saying that? I don’t understand. We are both engineers. We do surveys and work with large earth moving machines and we build large things. So what are we going to go up there for?


I’m getting frustrated too, believe me! I’m not sure I want to go sightseeing with you anymore. I don’t understand what the big deal is with you and your sightseeing anyway.

Go ahead.


You asked what the big deal is. I said “Go ahead”. Site “C” is now officially under way – they got the go ahead. Maybe after it’s finished they’ll call all the water the Site “C” Sea. “Come and Sightsee the Site “C” Sea!”

I can’t take this any more. What’s on TV?

No, What’s on second base.

Oh shut up.

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