Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Boys

With only 8 boys over for a sleepover, compared to 12 girls, this was a piece of cake. The fumes emerging from downstairs were a bit caustic, but overall the guys did really well.

It started with pizza and a root beer fueled belching contest in the dining room. Ears ringing, they then proceeded downstairs to do some full contact wii'ing, then I herded them outside for capture the flag, hide and seek, and other efforts at exhaustion.

Back inside it was present time, followed by more root beer and belching, then chips, Cheezies, and gummy bears. About 20 pounds of each, roughly.

With no open flame source the farting was discontinued, so it was movie time, then bouncing on the beds in their underwear time, then more snacks, then get into their fart sacks with attendant giggling time, then pillow hurling time, then I think they fell asleep. I think - I can't say for sure since I was upstairs opening windows to vent out the fumes.

This morning we discovered how many pancakes (2) and strawberries (12) could be stuffed into one mouth without bursting.

A splinter cell has developed which is exploring the outer limits of wrestling while on the trampoline. Full body slams with attendant shouting seems to be the order of the day for that activity.

The butchers bill thus far is relatively mild: one nosebleed, several scratches, some slivers from the weeds in the park that one kid wiped out upon, one asthma attack, and a disgusting splat toy lodged onto the ceiling of the rumpus room downstairs.

Not bad.

Happy Birthday!

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