Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Stirring Post

I would like to know, based on sound scientific research, which is the more efficient method of stirring the sugar and/or cream in one's coffee or tea. To wit - is just a straight, consistently circular swirling the swiftest method? Or is a hybrid methodology faster?

I choose to use (because I am convinced it is correct) the hybrid method. Namely, I begin stirring in a good circular fashion, the liquid swirling in a clockwise fashion. Then, once a certain (classified) speed has been attained , I reverse course and cause immediate turbulence in the liquid, such that any granules that have settled to the bottom of the mug are disturbed from their rest and are immediately absorbed into the surrounding liquid, gone forever, their hopes and dreams dashed as they should be.

So which method is more efficient at dissolving the powder? We need to know this to satisfy my (and others) innate curiosity. We have enough challenges in our lives without wasting precious seconds stirring Kool-Ade or chocolate milk or coffee in an inefficient manner.

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