Monday, August 31, 2009

The Heads of Babies

My son has a flat portion of his head. He doesn't realize it yet, but when he's older and decides to shave his head in some desperate act of teenage rebellion, he'll find out the hard way.

He wouldn't sleep on his tummy as a baby, and even with blankies rolled up to block his movements he would always sleep with his head just so. Now he has a large flat spot to show for it - babies heads being somewhat soft and pliable of course.

I was ruminating on this phenomenon just now as I read a birth announcement for someone in the office.

In the maternity ward, you could always tell the vaginal delivery kids from the "C" section kids. By a mile.

The vaginals would have a sort of squished look to them, whereas the 'rounders' as I call them were just that - round.

I never said anything, and I doubt people ever do, but you've got to know people are thinking it. I know we sure did.

"Wow - look at the squished head on that kid..." Then you'd look at the mom and just know...8 pound kid, slender mom - yup - this kids gonna have some work to do to get his head popped out and back to normal over the next few years.

I am obviously desperate for something to write about this morning.

I wonder if you'll ever see sports teams with names like the Rounders or Vaginals? Curious.

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