Sunday, August 16, 2009

Desperation Post

I have a bad case of Failure to Post for a while...

I must confess busyness (we have company) but I must also confess that the way I write is to work on about 28 columns at the same time. Things have to percolate for a while for me to get anywhere.

I find my writing goes in cycles - furious bouts of creativity for a week or two, then I lay off or get lazy or whatever. I am just now coming out of one of my better lazy cycles.

So out of desperation I thought I'd give you a small peek at what I have for one of these columns.

My idea is about a Politically Correct Private Investigator. I haven't got any sort of story line yet, but the opening paragraphs go something like this:

"I had just finished my Political Correctness course and my wallet was empty. As empty and black as the inside of a black cow before being turned into an empty wallet. Something like that.

I was busy scratching my nu...I was adjusting myself when the door to my office opened and in walked a spectacular broa...member of the opposite sex. She was dressed somewhat provocatively, and I admired her intelligence by watching her brain bounce gently as she walked..."

And that's all folks!! The large chunk of granite you see before you is my current writers block - on that column anyway. Nice texture huh?

And so I'm off to Vancouver today - ta ta!!

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