Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's with the Djibouti thing?

You've no doubt been wondering about the news from Djibouti thing I have up there and over on the side.

Nothing really. Pretty much a non-sequiter.

It comes from me being a smartass to people.

Whenever someone asks if there are any questions (like in a corporate training session that is putting me to sleep), I'll ask something idiotic like "Yes - what is the capital of Djibouti please?"

This is actually sort of a humour test. If they come back with a wiseass answer themselves then I'm happy - they have a sense of Ha ha and we'll get along just fine.

No Ha Ha means I'm in for a long day.

To actualy find a Djibouti news feed thing delighted me no end, so I had to put it in there.

By the way, it is a trick question. The answer is Djibouti City.

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