Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lesson from History

I was doing some historical reading about the attack on Pearl Harbor ("Run for your lives!""Oh, wait...") on the weekend, when I was distracted from my studies by one of the ginks names.

The U.S. Navy commander at the time of the attack was Husband Kimmel. Before I could digest his tactical decisions and analyse them for the many flaws to be found there, I got all bent out of shape by his name and had to put the book down.

Who names their kid Husband?!? "Mr President I'd like to introduce Admiral Husband Kimmel and his wife, Wife Kimmel."

Growing up I never knew any kids with that name. I didn't know anyone named Sherm or Ezekial either but still...Husband?

I know, I know - our generation has Moon Unit and Dweezil and others. Don't go there. Frank was an artist and can be forgiven.

My fevered brain is currently coming up with about 25 different jokes when I think of his mother calling him, or kids beating him up in the school yard and so forth. But - I'm not going there. I had nicknames when I was a kid and making fun of peoples names is lame - they've heard every single variant before and you are not being original.

Make fun of his new haircut instead...

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BDGJM said...

This begs the obvious question: What was his wife's name?