Monday, May 4, 2009

Fruit Bag Conundrum

So I bought a bag of grapes the other day, and this morning as I was putting some in my kids lunches, I noticed something that made me scratch my head.

There is a zipper type of plastic closure on the bag of grapes. A bag with a lot of fairly large holes in the sides.

For what purpose was this useless appendage added to the bag please? Was this conducted under the auspices of a government initiative of some sort? Is the thinking that this device will somehow assist in the retention of overall freshness in some way? Would this device not be better suited to the produce department bags that do not contain any holes in them? If the device is to prevent the grapes from hurtling out of the bag, why do they not add these devices to the other, flimsier bags in the produce department?

I would appreciate some clear answers Your Honour...

Yours in befuddlement I remain,

Your Humble Servant.

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