Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hand Washing annoyance

I am greatly disturbed by people who squirt soap into their hands in public washrooms without first wetting their hands.

As we know, one is supposed to wet their hands first, THEN apply the soap to them and commence the procedure.

I think I can partly understand the 'why' involved. Perhaps there is an altruism at play here, whereby the washer is trying to prevent an unsightly build-up of drip water underneath the dispenser (which will no doubt be the topic for a future rant).

The bottom line in my opinion is this is just plain wrong. Wet hands, apply soap, proceed with washing digits etc.

Do people put the shampoo in their hands prior to wetting their heads I ask?

Using brilliant if/then syllogisms such as this, I thusly win the argument.

No need to convene the Rules Committee on this one.

Good day.

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