Friday, December 3, 2010

The Nutmeg Scourge

Poison control centres across North America are being inundated with stupid kids trying to get high by smoking, snorting, licking, basting, and generally hanging out with nutmeg.  Yes - nutmeg - the new 'drug' of choice of really, really dumb kids.

Nutmeg, as we all know, is a gateway garnish - one which can lead to paprika, garlic powder or even cayenne.
From there it is an easy jump to the harder condiments - your mustards, relishes, and, yes - ketchup (shudder).

Speak to your children people.  Just say no to spices!  

This message brought to you by: C.A.V.E. - Citizens Against Virtually Everything.


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P Shane McAfee said...

This all began at Woodstock in 1969. Some really, really dumb attendees would smoke oregano and consume sugar cubes laced with...absolutely nothing. This lead to many of these really, really dumb attendees craving non-virgin olive oil and contracting Type II diabetes. From there, it was just a slippery slope before some of them began burning sports pennants in protest while listening to the Rutles.

I am losing hope for the fate of really, really dumb kids in today's society.