Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Former Radio Announcer Who is Now an Accountant

“Morning Fred.”

“Morning Rick.  Nice looking morning out there.”

“It sure is Fred!  We’re looking for a high of thirty degrees in the sunshine today.  It’s currently fifteen on the beach and eighteen downtown.  Coming up next, I’ve got a meeting about accounts receivable on the Johnson file!”

“Boy, you ex-deejays don’t break out of the mold much do you?  You might want to switch it off from time to time.  So you’re still riding your bike to work, I see.  How’d it go?”

“An earlier stall was cleared away from the left hand lane of the freeway, Fred, leaving just heavy traffic volume to slow me down on my morning commute.  No stalls or accidents to report right now.  If you see anything in traffic be sure to give me a call.  It’s free on your cell phone.”

“Alrighty then.  So – do you and Wendy have plans for the weekend?”

“We’ve got a classic rock weekend lined up starting Friday at four, Fred!  All the hits, all the time, all weekend long!  And I might take the kids swimming.”

“Sounds great.  Hey, what time is it anyway?”

“It’s twenty minutes before the top of the hour on a beautiful summer morning!  Coming up next hour, I’ll be visiting the washroom, and then I’ll toast a bagel and head down the hall to my office!”

“Don’t we have training or something this morning?”

“Coming up at eleven we’ll have a conference call about the new tax regulations, and what a rockin’ good time that will be.”

“Can I join in?”

“Sure!  Be the ninth caller!  Phone lines are open now!”

“OK.  Well, I have to get back to my desk.  See you later.”

“We have some bills to pay right now on the Rick King show but coming up next we’ll be checking email and preparing the balance sheet for the Acme Company financial statements.  You’ve got The King for breakfast!” 

I popped into his office later.   “Hey, Rick, I was wondering if you could help me figure out the equity position of the partners in this construction company account…”

“Thanks for stopping by, Fred! We’ll get right back to accounting but first let’s turn on the speakerphone and visit with Jennifer on location at the reception desk.  Jennifer also used to be a broadcaster.  Hi Jennifer!  What’s going on down there?”

“We’re having a great time here at reception today Rick– tons of people and phone calls and couriers coming and going!  You’ve simply got to come down here – we have some of the best deals on office supplies in this city!  We can handle it all here – deliveries, phone calls, mail and postage – all at great savings to YOU the consumer!  Stop on by – I’m here till five o’clock but these offers will be available all week long!”

“Thanks Jennifer.  That’s incredible.  We’ll check back with you next hour.” 

“Well that’s all the time we have today.  Be sure to join me tomorrow when I give away some tickets to the big game I can’t attend!  I’ll also make some wacky phone calls to people in the office, sell some Girl Guide cookies for my kid, and do an awesome trial balance on the Lipschitz account!” 

“Up next, Big Bill Davis will take you through your evening as he cleans the office and empties the wastepaper baskets. We’ll see you at the same time tomorrow.  Here’s Simply Accounting with their hit module – Payroll Deductions.  Bye for now.”

We now return you to your regularly scheduled work activities. 

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