Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup

Well everything went according to plan with the World Cup, except Spain won.

I woke up several times at important junctures (missed headers, yellow cards, the desire to go to the bathroom) and thus enjoyed my viewing experience very much.

My editor at the newspaper has asked me to write a column about the World Cup, so in timely fashion I'll rush that through to him in about 6 months.

When the editor asked me to write a World Cup column, I mistakenly thought he said ‘whirled cup’ and began reminiscing about a wild hockey celebration where I was drunkenly swinging my jockstrap over my head.  That was a Pee Wee championship to remember, let me tell you.

Alas I will now have to summon actual journalism skills, which I humbly submit are nonexistent, in order to fulfill this assignment.   I'll keep you posted.  I already figure I'll somehow compare the World Cup to my kids soccer games, but I'll work on it.  Stay tuned, he said redundantly.

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