Friday, January 22, 2010

First Eyebrowectomy Performed!

Well this is indeed an amazing day!

My wonderful daughter just wandered into the office, causing me to gasp "What happened to your face?"

One and a half of her eyebrows were missing (was missing?). I didn't recall asking her to start the barbecue (my method of removing unwanted facial hair), so I asked what was going on?

After a brief yet intense interrogation it turns out she was just fiddling with her eyebrows (and by fiddling I guess I mean 'plucking') and some of each brow came out, causing a few blank spots.

Being a Master Father, I knew instantly what to do.

"Hi Honey," I said, calling my wife immediately at work. "What do I do in the following situation please...?"

Turns out she has some sort of pencil under her sink with which one can re-create an eyebrow. Who knew?

Up we raced to the ensuite, where we found a dark brown pencilly thing which certainly did not match the colour of my kids brow. Hmmmm.

"Try a little and blend it in" I thought.

Putting dots on and hoping to blend them together did not work. Same with long lines. I finally gave up and handed the pencil over to my 8-year old and said "Take over kid. I'm oughta here, and don't you ever tell the guys what I was just doing ya hear?"

My kid now appears to be in a permanent state of 'startle'. She has also undergone a dramatic highlighting of her facial features. She looks faaaabulous!!

Now I'm thinking of reducing some of the salt in my salt and pepper moustache. I'll let you know if it matches.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha! Been there...only it was only half of one...and it was while I was pretending to shave like a man...with my dad's Bic shaver! oops...I was a stupid child..