Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Numbers

So for January this blog had 6,804 visitors. Not bad! Most are from the U.S., with readers from every state but most of them in California, Texas and Florida. So hello to all American readers!

Actual country by country numbers this month are like this:

U.S. - 5,742
Canada - 717
U.K. - 88
Australia - 59
Germany - 27
Netherlands - 23
Denmark - 10
France - 9
New Zealand - 8
Mexico - 7
Spain - 6

...And so on down the list of countries. Interesting geography lesson to read my Google Analytics numbers.

What did people look at? Number one page is The Human Digestive System as Taught by a Plumber, followed by the Popcorn Playhouse piece from a long time ago.

Apparently there are a lot of Edmontonians (and ex-Edmontonians) out there who grew up with Popcorn Playhouse - just like me. Nostalgia hits hard I guess.

Thanks for visiting - y'all come back now...

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