Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am Speechless

I don't know what to say.

I have scaled the highest heights.

I am overwhelmed by life's beauty and joy.

The closest feeling I can compare this to would perhaps be the birth of my children.  Or summitting Everest.  Walking on the moon?

Tonight, on the barbecue, while cooking hamburgers, I achieved the Ultimate:




I'm tearing up.

It was...wonderful.  I'm usually good for one side, but I often flounder after the first flip and the sauce goes on.  Oh sure, you can cover up your mistakes with the cheese, but to a purist like me, striving for perfection, cheese camouflage is cheating.  As a guy, you just KNOW.  But tonight...

Ahhh, tonight it was real.  Perfect timing for the flip.  Perfect arranging on my old, beat-up barbecue so that the one hot spot on the right there was evenly utilized.  No burger was overdone, nor flipped too may times.  Two movements each to make the marks (about a 70 to 80 degree rotation for the proper angles), one flip, sauce, cheese, voila!  Perfect, diamond shaped grill marks.

I think I now understand why there is organized religion.

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