Friday, June 11, 2010

Household Domination

I now have proof that children are manipulating little weasels.  We now have two kittens, Sox and Oreo. 

We brought them home the other day, and they were adorable, cute, and rather shy and restrained.

As I write this at 6am, the sound of thunder can be heard throughout the house.  It is the sound of two furballs violently assaulting each other on the stairs, floor, carpet, curtains, tables and couches of what used to be a fine home.

I have also just cleaned up the first yak on our fine and expensive wool carpet. 

To summarize, we have been overrun with demons.  Demons who think my knees and thighs are made of fabric and are thus able to support the weight of a cat if the cat violently inserts its claws into the fabric-like appendages.  I am starting to feel light-headed from blood loss. 

Oh sure - they're cute - in a Linda Blair sort of way.  But they are starting to develop that glow behind the eyeballs that makes theater patrons squirm down into their seats in anticipation.  One of them is even now sitting on the desk beside me, ;'erpioj54-9y8w40-254ypejrg walking across the keyboard.

I need some holy water.  Pity me.

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