Monday, March 9, 2009

Well this is exciting...

My column titled Do You Myth Your Kids? has won a contest it seems.

Check it out at

The 'Humor and Life, In Particular' contest is quite a large contest with judges and everything! Quite flattering to think I can actually compete let alone win anything.

I must also thank Carl Vine for some suggestions he made on how to improve my piece ("Re-write the god-awful thing!") - many thanks Carl.

Thanks also to the wait.

Thanks to all the gang in my online writers group for their help and support. I can't wait to receive the hefty cash prize that is no doubt on its way to me via parcel post.

No cash prize you say? Well, I can't wait to receive the large gold statuette that is being couriered to me forthwith.

Ahem. Well - let's all look forward to seeing the announcement on the website then mmmkay?


1 comment:

Suz said...

Actually, that is how I found your blog - so you didn't get cash but you got a new reader (just as good- right?)