Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Daughterly Discussion

I had a very interesting discussion with my daughter on our way to Girl Guides tonight. She's 10.

Our discussion pertained to the relative advantages we would enjoy if humans had wings. Feathered wings.

I would like to share with you now, in popular bullet form, the salient points of this discussion:

  • First, we would not need cars or roads any longer.  We would just fly.  We like that.  Instead of bike racks we'd need some perches though.
  • The wings would be hidden inside our arms somehow - secret compartments maybe - so that we could just wiggle our arms and unfold them.
  • The feathers would only go to our shoulders so that we would not have to modify our t-shirts and we could still wear tank tops.  
  • One really great thing about flying would be the ability to fly over people we didn't like and poop on them.
  • We would not have feathers on our behinds or anything, so we would not be able to float like a duck.
  • We would still have hands and everything so we would still be able to use nail polish.  We could also eat normally and all that.
  • We would NOT have a beak.  No way.
By this time we were at Guides, so that was about it.  We hope you have enjoyed our thoughts. Good night.

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